Preset Toggle Groups

This feature will be introduced in the v3.9 firmware


Preset Toggle Groups allows you to group the toggle positions of different presets, whether in the same or different bank, together.

By default, all presets use the Local Preset Toggle, which means that when the Preset is toggled, only its own toggle position will change.

Toggle Groups

In this feature, Presets can now be assigned to 16 different Toggle Groups.

When Preset A and Preset B are assigned to Toggle Group 1, for example, toggling Preset A to Toggle Position 2 will also change the toggle position for Preset B to Toggle Position 2. Similarly, if you engage and toggle Preset B back to Toggle Position 1, the toggle position for Preset A will also change back to Toggle Position 1.


Use Case

If you have different Presets in different banks controlling the Bypass and Engage for one device, you can group those Presets together into the same Toggle Group. So when you engage the device in Preset A in Bank 1, for example, when you change to Bank 2, the Preset that is controlling the Bypass/Engage for that same device will also be toggled.