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HX Stomp

On using MIDI Clock with the HX Stomp

Question: I have been trying to setup the specular tempus and am having difficulties with the midi clock. For some reason it is doubling my time. When I do it on the pedal it works fine. But when I do it from the controller it changes to double time. Any idea what it could be?

Answer: Turn midi transmit off in global settings on the stomp. I was running my mc8 into the stomp and out to the tempus via midi out/thru. I believe it says Tx midi clock in stomp global. That should be off if your running as I did.

Two-way communication with the MC6MKII/MC8

  • MC6/8 MIDI OUT needs to be connected to HX Stomp MIDI IN, and HX Stomp MIDI OUT back to MC6/8 MIDI IN.

  • Will only work with Presets 00A to 10C, as the controllers have 30 banks, so they will only respond to PC#0 to PC#29 and ignore anything higher.

  • The MIDI Controllers needs to be set to the same MIDI Channel as the HX Stomp as the HX Stomp will only transmit the PC messages on it’s MIDI channel

  • MIDI Thru needs to be turned off in the MC6MKII/MC8 to avoid an infinite MIDI Loop.

PC messages do not work

Be sure to enable MIDI PC Rx in the Global Settings, so that the HX Stomp will respond to PC messages.

From the HX Stomp manual