Firmware Release Notes

Firmware Updates

v3.10.1 Firmware Update

Before Updating

  • Backup your data

    • Though the update process does not affect your data at all, it is recommended that you backup your data… just in case.

  • Know that if you are facing any issues with the v3.10.1 firmware, you can always downgrade your firmware back to v3.9. The links to the previous editor versions are available at the bottom of the Editor.

After Updating

  • Check your Controller Settings. Check that the USB Virtual MIDI Ports setting is set to 1, and then SAVE your settings.

    • The default USB Virtual MIDI Ports setting might be set to 0 and no MIDI messages will be send via USB if that’s the case. The above step is just to initialise the value for this new setting.

New Features

  • New USB MIDI interface exposes 4 virtual MIDI ports.

    • Not an issue for MacOS users as one port can be used by multiple applications (just set the USB Virtual MIDI Ports setting in the Controller settings to 1 if not you’ll see more than 1 MIDI message for each usbMIDI command sent). Windows OS only allows 1 MIDI port to be used by 1 application, so you can’t connect the controller to, for example, Ableton and the Editor at the same time

    • The first port is meant for the Editor. Editor SysEx messages are not sent on the other ports.

  • New Added MIDI Delay setting in Controller Settings

    • Increase time between PC and CC messages. Applies to PC and CC messages only

    • Some devices cannot process incoming stream of CC messages that are sent too fast.

    • More delay + more messages = more latency. Probably cannot be observed if delay is kept to 2-3ms.

  • New Fixed Switch Custom action: Toggle Active Preset

  • New Added Focus Mode for MC8

    • Focus Mode just displays the preset labels and nothing else.

  • New Omniport Settings

    • Set Expression Sensitivity and Expression Calibration from Editor in Omniport settings.

      • Setting needs to be saved and device restarted first.


  • Enhancement Fractal Integration

    • Scene names will update when preset is changed on the Fractal device

    • Selected scene name will blink

    • Aux switch can be used while in integration mode

    • Added up to 511 accessible presets for the FM3

    • Changed scene page to 6 scenes fo MC6 and 8 scenes for MC8

    • Exit button is removed. To exit the scene, press B+C for the MC6, or C+D for the MC8.

    • Added scene number polling so scenes changed directly on the Fractal will be reflected in the MC6/8.

    • From the Scene Select menu, press A+B on the MC6 and MC8 to go back to the Preset Select menu.

  • EnhancementOmniport Relay Interface

    • Set starting polarity in the Omniport Settings

    • Setting to sync Omniport Relay Interface with 8 taps automatically when MIDI clock tempo changes

  • Enhancement When Omniport Fixed Switch Custom Ring setting is set to Do Nothing, only the Tip will be active and a TS cable can be used.

  • Enhancement Async expression pedal read

    • Use multiple expression pedals at the same time

  • Enhancement Engage Preset

    • Added Current Bank option for Engage Preset

    • Added Preset Name labels in the Engage Preset message type

  • Enhancement Bank Jump

    • Enhanced Bank Jump logic when Custom Bank Sequence is used

      • For Bank Jumps while Bank Arranger feature is active, the controller will search for the actual bank and not the pointer.

        • If you have a Bank Jump in Bank 1 to Bank 4, and then you move Bank 4 to Bank 6 in the Bank Arranger module, the Bank Jump in Bank 1 will now jump Bank 6.

          • If you have duplicate banks in the Bank Arranger, the Bank Jump feature will only jump to the first matched bank.

    • Bank Jump Go to last used bank option now includes Last used Bank / Page or Page

      • Jump back to the previous page on the same bank.

  • Enhancement Keystrokes

    • Added Keypad numbers to keystroke options

  • Enhancement Preset Utility

    • Add Reverse Message Scroll feature

      • Use a Utility message type >> Manage Preset Scroll to toggle direction etc with another action

    • Scroll through multiple messages with the Manage Preset Scroll setting.

    • Preset Output Masking now includes USB virtual ports

    • Preset Output Masking Until Message option removed from Preset Output Masking. Masked outputs will stay until the end of the Preset execution cycle, or until another Preset Output Masking message is used. This allows the output masking state to remain across different actions until the Preset execution cycle is completed.

Scrolling through messages. In this example, a Double Tap action scrolls back.
  • Enhancement Increased global toggle positions from 16 to 22

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed CC#1 does not trigger bank down in MC3

  • Fixed Engage preset message type does not toggle engaged preset

  • Fixed Expression preset toggle channel message type bug

  • Fixed Missing short name bug

  • Fixed Omniport MIDI Clock sending at 4x speed

  • Fixed Preset Full name display disappears very quickly

  • Fixed Omniport MIDI OUT bug - message needs to be sent twice after bootup to work properly

  • Fixed Engage Preset does not engage a preset in the same bank

  • Fixed Fixed MC3 load last used bank on startup bug

  • Fixed Fixed Cross MIDI Thru for real time Start and Continue messages

  • Fixed MC3 Dual switch lock did not apply to Switch AB (Toggle page)

  • Fixed Paste Preset to all banks bug

  • Fixed Controller Data Dump

    • Fixed data dump issue where communication errors between device and editor were frequent.


v3.9 Firmware Update


  • For use with Web Editor v1.2

PLEASE NOTE! Bug when updating from earlier firmwares to v3.9

  • There is a bug related to the Bank Presets when updating from the v3.8 firmware, which causes it to load wrongly.

    • Solution: After backing up your data in v3.8, update the firmware to v3.9, and then reload your data in v3.9.


Bugs fixed and Improvements in v3.9.7

  • Fixed In the v3.9.7 file dated 2022-01-24, a bug related to recalling presets 0-127 in Fractal Integration mode was fixed.

    • This bug did not allow users to recall presets 0-127, but anything above that works.

  • Fixed Incoming SysEx messages from USB MIDI IN is being sent out twice via the DIN5 MIDI Output, causing some issues with softwares like Strymon Nixie

  • Fixed Linked all Bank Change delays to the Bank Change Delay in the Controller Settings

  • New MIDI Song Position Pointer Cross MIDI Thru handling

  • New Trigger Message Message Type

  • New Bank On Enter Page1 and Page2 Events

    • Trigger Bank Presets only when you jump to a specific Bank and Page

  • New Added output masking to MIDI Clock using the Utility message type

    • Control where your MIDI Clock signals get sent to

  • New Added MIDI Machine Control Message Type

Bugs fixed in v3.9.6

  • Enhancement Arrow symbols for preset names

    • \u for Up arrow, \d for Down arrow, \l for Left arrow, \r for Right arrow

  • Fixed Bank Change Mode up and down directions are wrong in the MC6

  • Fixed Preset names appearing in Bank change if they are toggled and blinking

  • Fixed PC Scroll with wrap-around misses first value

  • Fixed Toggling page using aux switch toggles too quickly if switch is held down

Bugs fixed in v3.9.5

  • Fixed %BP placeholder issue when triggering MIDI clock from aux switch

  • Fixed MIDI Clock tap accuracy issue when triggering MIDI clock from aux switch

Bugs and Improvements in v3.9.4

  • Fixed Set Toggle message type to Shift preset cannot shift the preset executing this message.

  • Fixed MIDI Clock pre-set tempo cannot be set using Long Press action

  • Fixed Last used bank not stored when changing banks via PC messages

  • Enchancement Heel down, Toe Down and Engage/Disengage events on Expression Presets improved

  • New Added Omniport Relay message Type

  • New Added Bank Change Mode to Fixed Sw Custom Aux Switch setting

  • New Added Jump to last bank function in MIDI CC implementation

Bugs fixed in v3.9.3

  • Fixed [2021-11-09] Aux Switch T+R in Omniport 3 not working for the MC8

  • Fixed [2021-11-09] Triggering T+R for Aux switches is sometimes unreliable

  • Fixed [2021-11-11] Bug in Global Message Parameter Update function

  • Fixed [2021-11-11] Bug in MIDI Type B setting for Omniport

  • Fixed [2021-11-12] Bug in expression pedal message

    • When pedal is left in heel down or toe down positions, the heel down or toe down messages will engage when the pedal is moved.

  • Fixed [2021-11-12] 0 BPM is displayed in the MC8 when controller boots up and MIDI clock is not in use.

Bugs fixed in v3.9.2

  • Fixed [2021-11-05] Expression Scaled feature sends the same value for both positive and negative curves.

  • Fixed[2021-11-05] Looper Mode switch option need to be selected in order for Looper Mode to work. If it is turned off, Looper mode does not engage

  • Fixed[2021-11-05] Looper Mode for aux switches is currently not available, but we will update the aux switches to always have minimal delay.

  • Fixed[2021-11-05] When Custom Bank Sequence is turned on, saving on the editor will cause it to save it to the wrong bank.

    • Please turn off the Custom Bank Sequence when editing.

  • Fixed[2021-11-05] Bank Change Mode displays wrong bank name when Custom Bank Sequence is active.


Breaking Changes

  • SysEx presets need to be reprogrammed.

  • CC Value Scroll messages need to be reprogrammed.

New Features

Preset Message Types

  • Added Utility message type, which allows you to:

    • Manage Scroll Counter values

    • Increase/Decrease MIDI Clock BPM by 1

    • Clear all Preset Toggles globally

    • Set Preset Message Scroll index for selected Preset

  • PC Scroll and CC Scroll now has a wrap-around setting to allow you to wrap-around the values (go to min when value is at max), or stay at the limits (value will not increase further when at max)

  • Added Step Value parameter in CC Value Scroll message type, which allows you to increase/decrease the counter value by a specified step value.

  • Random Waveform added to Waveform Generator

  • Added Model ID option for AxeFX Tuner and integration to select between AxeFX III or FM3

  • Added Invert Waveform option in WaveForm Generator message type

    • Inverts the waveform shape

  • New  AxeFX Integration message type for MC6MKII and MC8

    • Enters a mode where you can select Presets and Scenes on the AxeFX 3. Scene and Preset names are retrieved from the AxeFX3.

  • Increased the max length for a SysEx message sent from a preset from 47 to 63.

  • Added 0.25 0.50 0.75 decimal increments when using the MIDI Clock message type to set a pre-set BPM.

  • Added Ignore Bank Preset On Enter and Ignore Bank Preset On Exit parameter in the Bank Jump messages. If enabled, Bank Presets will not execute when jumping banks with that message

  • Control Change message type now has the option to use CC Value based on a selected Expression pedal position

  •  Looper Mode message type now lets you select what switches to apply this to

  • Added Preset Q, R, S, T, U, V to Set Toggle message for MC8

  • Added All Notes option for Note Off message type, which will send a Note Off command to all 128 Notes.

  • Engage Preset can now call the same Preset, as long as the action is different.

Expression Preset Message Types

  • Expression Waveform Timer and Expression Sequencer Timer message types for Expression Presets to control your Waveform Engines and Sequencer Engines interval times with your expression pedal

  • Added Expression CC (Scale) message type

    • Scale your CC response to a logarithmic or exponential response

  • Added Pitch BendPC Heel Down and PC Toe Down message types

Preset Features

Bank Presets

  • Added Bank Enter Only Once and Bank Exit Only Once events in Bank Presets. These events will only trigger once on each controller boot up.

Controller Settings

  • Added MIDI Message Converter feature, which allows you to re-route incoming PC, CC and Note messages to different PC/CC/Note numbers and channels.

  • Added Load last used bank on power up feature in global settings

  • Data Dump format now in json.

    • This allows data to be loaded across different devices


Editor Updates


  • Bank and Preset selection boxes will open when the mouser cursor is hovered over the selection dropdown

    • Box will close when the cursor leaves.

    • If box is dragged to a new position, it will remain open until the close button is clicked.



  • New Added multi message copying feature

  • New Floating control panel to select presets

New Added hot keys to select presets

  • New Added Light mode

  • Fixed Bug where Msg16 does not load in the editor


  • New Controller Settings backup function

  • New Activity monitor feature

    • Monitor the execution of messages for your Presets and Bank Presets, so you know what exactly is happening when you engage a preset

  • MSB and LSB value calculator under Preset Settings >> Tools



  • New SysEx creation utility under Preset Settings >> Tools to help you create a Preset sending SysEx messages



  • Updated User Library interface


  • New Data Backup Manager feature in Controller Backup

    • Pick and choose banks from your backup files before uploading them to the Controller

  • Web Editor can now be installed as a Chrome Web App, which will be available when you are offline

  • New Preset Template Utility under Preset Settings >> Tools

    • Select from a list of example templates to populate your preset settings