Global Message Parameter Update


The Global Message Parameter Update (GMPU) allows you to update all similar Preset messages globally to different parameters. The option is available in each message in the Preset settings.

For example, if you have a message like below programmed into different Presets in the controller, and you would like to change all similar messages to a different channel, you can use the GMPU to do this.

How to use this

First, you need to load your preset settings into the editor. Do not save any change made in the preset.

For the specific message that you want to update globally, update the parameters that you want to change. You can also update the Action or Message Type (there is an option to match these types later) if you wish to change them globally as well.

In the picture below, I have changed the MIDI channel to 12. Note that I have a message Msg4 that is similar to the original unchanged message.


After selecting the GMPU function, a dialog box will appear which gives you the option whether to match and update the Action and Toggle Position. If the Match and update Action option is selected, what this means is that only messages that matches the selected message’s action will be updated. If the action has been changed, the matched message’s actions will be updated as well. The same logic goes for the Match and update Toggle Position option.

This function will not run for Empty message types.

After clicking on Update All, the controller will indicate that the function is running through the banks.

This process will take longer if there are more messages to be matched and updated.